Western Australia: the negative record of a small drugged, decadent and corrupt world

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December 17 2019

Western Australia: the negative record of a small drugged, decadent and corrupt world

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Perth - coming back from the Christmas float parade (07/12/2019), which I had never seen in Perth, I went to catch the subway at the station, and here is an ordinary scene of squalor: an individual, perhaps a junkie Tarzan emulator, since he was wearing only shorts, under arrest with four officers of the railway police who, crushing him to the ground face down with all their weight, immobilized him; Obviously I stop to observe what happens but almost immediately another of these agents comes very close to me and asks me to move away, to my answer that this is still a free country (Australia), he makes me aware that the guy under arrest is in that situation because he did not want people to look at him, so I move about ten meters but to the brawny agent he is not enough and he comes back insistent, as if I were committing a crime................... claiming that he "has right not to be looked at”, while to me it seemed “strangely” obvious that what he didn't want me to look at was something else. Certainly I was not the only one watching, in fact, just a few meters away there was a small crowd and only when I tell them that I am a journalist and that he is a bit arrogant but that I would have moved to a point where this guy under pressure would not have seen me, he gets back where he came from. In the meantime here comes to my mind those documentaries in which you can see the fourhanded gorillas of the African jungle that run towards the intruder on duty, to stop a short distance as a challenge: King Kong would have said: "uh uh". While the rapid flow of anthropomorphic thoughts, two nurses arrive at the site of overwhelming squalor and prepare to give an injection to that guy "to calm him" (since he screamed and complained), as one of the two other agents who stand in the way says while at my sight, but without asking him if he has medical conditions, allergies, etc. All this with a heat of perhaps 35 ° C. and with the weight of four hyper-fitness men, so about 320 Kg., on top, for over ten minutes. Then comes my little train that leaves with everyone, including many children, turned around to observe the current oppression. moral? = drugs. But just drugs or even putting an individual at risk of heart attack for what appears to be just inappropriate behaviour? Meanwhile, two policemen, now ex, who have excessively beaten a drunken during a 2017 arrest are simply fined ("Nine News", 16/12/1019).

Drugs: a friend of mine asks an 18 years old friend if he ever used drugs and he answered, "Of course, what's wrong with that?" thus demonstrating that what I have been saying for years is a consolidated subcultural fact, in fact for a young person who grows up with parents, grandparents and maybe great-grandparents, drug addicts or ex-drug addicts in a society where there is no cultural opposition to the use of drugs and where the "war on drugs" is actually ridiculous, what should be strange? We have reached the point where even a former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, when he was in office, according to the assertions of one of his "escorts" (it seems one of those who give it away, new or second hand, in exchange for nice little coins), that he used to bring his cocaine in pounds on the state plane, during his official national and international movements.

Drugs increasingly defined as "recreational" by newscasts and newspapers, at a point that its use seems normal ... But why is there no war on drugs? Because if there was one all the states of the Western world would have lost it since a while? Who has an interest in a huge mass of drug addicts? History teaches us that the British in some of their colonies introduced the drug to finance their military campaigns, such as the Chinese did during the boxer revolt and then the Japanese in Manchukuo. And in Vietnam, during the war, according to some veterans of that terrible conflict, the Americans in addition to using Thailand for their brothel purposes, thus profoundly corrupting the culture of that nation in a way that is irreversible, gave drugs to their soldiers; all in perfect "secret of Pulcinella" style (an open secret). What are we to be surprised then when we read of the arrest of sixteen Marines (USA) of Camp Pendleton for drug and human trafficking (KGTV, 26/07/2019), when in Afghanistan the production of opium has increased exponentially by about 4.7 times from 1994 to 2018 (according to UN statistics) with a very clear increase in this production after, and not before or during, the invasion of that country by the military NATO coalition, led by the USA. This explains two things: 1) why the legitimate monarchy in Afghanistan has not been restored, it would have brought back the natural order of things and instead it was preferred a republic that essentially has power only over the capital, leaving the rest of the country divided between the various tribal clans, in order (perhaps?) to "govern" over other interests. 2) the fact that people who do not suffer from hallucinations and do not drink whiskey from their ears have seen USAF transport aircraft dumping pallets of dollars and loading drug pallets... I served in the Air Force and I know one thing for sure: you do not move an aeroplane without the signature of a general or a colonel ... Evidently, as the song by Nilla Pizzi used to say: “lo sai che i papaveri sono alti alti alti” ("you know that poppies are high high high") ("Papaveri e papere", 1952) ... But why then the Australians turned from a "healthy" alcoholics nation to the absolutely negative record of the second nation in the world, after the USA naturally, for per-capita use of drugs? A good question that you can answer yourself. But I wonder who is interested in having a people that think about their daily dose, instead of challenging the negative effects of an ever worse management of the country (any country), where for example there are idiots who find breath (perhaps stinking of alcohol) to affirm that to prevent the Chinese from invading that country it is necessary to double the population by making it "invaded" by immigrants; obviously it is not given to know if these will be Chinese ... In Australia there are such ideas, and this when the real data on unemployment is well above the 5.3%, perhaps more than double... But to certain individuals, belonging to political classes formed by speculative statesmen, it doesn’t matter the fact that doubling the population of a nation with “imports” means destroying its culture but they are interested in involving large numbers of people because at end these must go to the supermarket etc., therefore they consume, and above all they pay the taxes... Even in Perth they would like to multiply citizens with the magic wand of the UN and visas (for Australia a huge income, which however creates a distorted economy), without taking into account that we already drink partially desalinate water and above all partly recycled from the sewers, in a city where... the sewers are not separated therefore true "Shit water"... and the proposed solution is another desalination plant, this when in the North of the State there are quite a few beautiful lakes and ponds and the tubular idea of an aqueduct should be enough... perhaps partly not feasible, because Canadians sell water from Western Australia to Singapore... Meanwhile, the prime minister proudly and cyclically quotes the number of new businesses opened in Australia but never mentions the number of those that have closed... But all this malfunctioning is not only evident to journalists and politicians and perhaps explains the large number of shops that permanently closed down in Perth; right in the center, and in the surrounding municipalities like Subiaco, five shops in the main street (08/12/2019) and Fremantle with nine shops closed in the central South Terrace and six (out of twelve) in the adjacent The Piazza (08/12/2019) and, given that people are not blind, they take off and go to invest somewhere else, while those who arrive sometimes are attracted precisely by the negative records on drugs ... At what point should we get to? Will we have real immigration of drug addicts in the future? On top of this plague we have to add certain "social engineers" and a decadent part of the magistracy for which it seems that the criminal's rights are more important than their punishment for the crimes committed, a situation unfortunately common to many States of Western culture, which leads victims to suffer a double violence. At one time there were men of a piece like Sir William Henry Bundey (1838-1909), brother of one of my ancestress, who in his position as a lawyer (then Judge, Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Minister of Education for the South Australia), didn’t defend someone unless he was sure that that person was innocent. Today we arrived in Western Australia at the absurd of a de-criminalization of theft, because, for thefts of less than $1,000, they are not proceeding; so if a hundred people enter a store and everyone steals $999 ... Now in post offices, while queuing to pay, cashiers arrive with a portable till, "so we check that people don't steal while in the queue". In some shops there are billboards with the shape of a policeman and the warning that "stealing is a crime, etc." but they are real scarecrows, because shop thefts are the order of the day and managers generally simply call security, but they no longer go beyond that, especially if the thief belongs to certain races or ethnic groups...

All this ineptitude of the magistracy does not only lead to the frustration of the efforts of the police but also to a state of resignation and depression of the citizens and if they dispute openly the negative actions of the governments, federal or state that are, perhaps due to a misunderstood nationalistic sense, are included in a "watch list" and spied on as if they were criminals, instead of being rewarded for their meaning critical that can lead to the solution of problems, with obvious violation of the citizen's right. But controlling citizens with opinions different from those of the mass of morons, for certain useless minds is fine, while controlling immigrants? A recent television report ("The Drum", ABC, 03/12/2019) on prostitution in Sydney, informs us that 80% of prostitutes are Chinese with student visas and when you hear one of these Chinese girls "treading" who says that she worked up to twenty hours a day in the brothel when she lived directly into it, a doubt arises, because a person with a student visa can work a maximum of twenty hours a week, not a day, and brothels are legal only in Queensland and Victoria states, not in Sydney, which is in NSW, where, as in other states, they are only decriminalized or tolerated. Here is another confirmation of the fact that the controls on foreigners with the various student visas or working-holiday visas are almost non-existent, which is to the detriment of the 726,100 unemployed (official figure, October 2019) which must compete with 650,000 international students, which, almost all of them, work much more than the 20 hours allowed, like the approximately 180,000 young people present in the country with working holiday visas. The efficiency of the Australian politics and bureaucracy, that also donates 260,000 "refugees" in the last three years, of which, however, please note, only 4,000 are allowed to work, the other poor people must "survive" with about $900 a week, about double the pension for the elderly! If all this waste of intelligence wasn’t enough, the seasonal fires, the infamous "bush fire", have struck more than in the past years, with as many as 40 simultaneous major fires in NSW, and so it turns out that politicians, instead of increasing the number of firefighters on duty, fire engines, firefighting planes and perhaps starting to think about using the Armed Forces to solve this cyclical problem, have instead cut the funds to the firefighters! Meanwhile in all this putridity, the criminal organizations import huge quantities of drugs but "we certainly can't control the whole coast which is very long" says a policeman, so we can deduce that if a country wanted to invade Australia, it would be enough to fly low and let the ships land the troops on isolated beaches and here we go! ... An "intelligence" is such if the people who occupy those positions are intelligent, but this too often does not seem to be the case... Exception is Singapore where behind the Intelligent technology there are high-profile and well-paid people; in that state, along with Malaysia and Indonesia, there is a serious policy against drugs, so much so that in Singapore crime has been eradicated for decades, thanks severe penalties and the hanging of drug dealers. In the Philippines, where Americans have many military bases, the war on drugs has been strangely interrupted after a visit by their president to the American one... But the Australian government when there is some drug dealer who risks hanging in some Asian country, mobilizes ambassadors and lawyers to protect them, obviously at the expense of the tax payers, and the square shields these criminals condemned to death, without giving any weight to how many deaths the drug dealing causes; Consider that about ten days ago three young people died from an overdose in three different locations in Perth and eighty-eight others survived overdoses, all on the same day (07/12/2019 "7 News"), also in Perth. But when it comes to people like Julian Assange, where is the Australian government and diplomacy? Ah yes, he is Australian but he does not sell drugs... and Americans are interested in "Wikileakes" being classified as an espionage organization, while its activity is clearly journalistic and so, by doing nothing in this case, Australian governments have confirmed that they are increasingly becoming a puppet in the hands of Americans. Let's go back to drugs, a gram of cocaine in Australia costs $AUS 200 ($US 137), while in U.S.A. it costs $US 60 ($AUS 87) and this is why the criminal organizations are targeting the Australian market that spends and gets into debt, given that it does give more than double profit and if a drug dealer is caught by the police, the next day he is out with on bail. The figures declared by the police tell us that in the last couple of months in Australia quantities of drugs equal to 4 tons have been seized, and that is from 3% to 5% of the traffic; if we multiply by 25, we are talking about a hundred tons, so about 50 tons a month (!) which mainly enter via Broom and Geraldton... Yes, in Australia one container out of ten is checked, not like in Germany where, for example, they are all scanned... And even when the Dutch police, which in this case benefits from the cooperation of the secret services, communicate to the Queensland police of the shipment of 700Kg of methamphetamine, with a value of a billion dollars, we get the poor result of the arrest of a woman, while in Holland the arrested are thirteen... And the "record" of Perth as world capital for per capita use of drugs, is well balanced by Adelaide, capital of ice, Canberra for methamphetamine, etc., so the "zombies" are increasing in the cities and in the countryside, once populated by proud people, the situation is even worse, given that many communities do not even have a police station. One in eight Australians now uses drugs and 22% of families spend money on drugs and social media, which explains, at least in part, why in Australia “one in eight adults and more than one in six children are living in poverty, and many of those are living in “deep poverty” (The Guardian, 15/10/2018). And “Perth water testing results show West Australians now consume more than $27 million worth of methamphetamine every week” (Rourke Walsh, “Perth meth use rampant despite record drug seizures”, Perth Now, 28/02/2019). But on television, that also in Australia become a garbage bin, there are those who talk about drug legalization and almost no one who opposes the idea, an idea that finds confirmation of its absurdity in the failure to legalize cannabis occurred in Colorado where "in the last five years, fatal road accidents where at least one of the drivers tested positive for marijuana have doubled. A frequent positivity in the deadly mix with alcohol or other psychoactive substances. But the shock data are related to hospital data. According to a report made three years after legalization, visits to the emergency room for mental illnesses have increased fivefold. Syndromes explicitly linked to the consumption of marijuana, in particular food " ("Secolo d'Italia”, 29/10/2019) and in Canada the result of the legalization of marijuana confirms the absurdity but what counts, I repeat, seems to be now only to create consumers - tax payers, better if idiotized by drugs. Amen?

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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