To balance human society and return to the traditional values of the Monarchy

07 2019

To balance human society and return to the traditional values of the Monarchy

A better future for humanity

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For the majority of citizens things are clear enough, society is in full decline, and this despite there are no wars involving Western countries directly for many decades, but for many others there is no perception of change in negative, for simple ignorance. Thus, thanks to the exploitation of mass media, television, cinema, etc., which are now in the hands of extremely vulgar minds, values such as the sense of dignity, honesty and also: decency, elegance, decorum, modesty etc. they seem to that ignorant part of the mass, past values. And who still has these values, is increasingly struggling to make his voice heard. The United States of America, which considers itself world leaders and therefore should be an example, with all their decadence certainly does not help to improve the situation, in fact they are in first place for the production of child pornography, followed by Brazil, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe; an ignoble industry that globally sees 1,200,000 children entering that world every year, adding to the 20/22 million children under the age of sixteen (40% of whom are under the age of twelve) who are currently exploited from the world of prostitution, child pornography and sadistic child pornography. Every year, generally shipped in containers, there are as many as 80,000 children illegally introduced into the U.S., to start them generally in the organs and pornography market, sent mainly from South America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia but container controls, in America as in most other countries, are insufficient if not ridiculous, in normally around 5% ... Globally, 100,000 children are used daily in the world of pornography; they are not irrelevant figures, yet the efforts of the police of the various States of the world, to counteract the situation seems minimal if not almost non-existent. In Australia alone there are 300 illegal child abuse websites but there does not seem to be any effort to stop the managers and users or to block these sites, all for a fee and, coincidentally, the largest of these is called "Butterfly" (butterfly), the same name of a television program of the Australian SBS that has as its theme a boy who wants to become a girl... In all this disgust, that for those poor children is an undeserved and true hell, there is not only the indifference of the governments but also of almost all religious institutions that are not only guilty of silence for the crimes committed by their members but also of pity and of real help to these innocents who are entitled to childhood and who will never forget that they have been abused and too many often humiliated by magistrates morally corrupted to the marrow, who find social reasons or other kinds of bestiality so as not to condemn in a proper way paedophiles, organ’s traffickers and all the collaborators of that infamous world. In all this earthly hell, one can not but continue to uphold the values of the family, of the healthy society, of the nation and of the homeland which, at least in Western society, are represented by the idea of Monarchy.

A better future for humanity

What emerges ever more clearly in contemporary society is the absolute lack of seriousness on the part of most Governments of the States of the world and of institutions such as the UN, in the fight against drugs and the worst crimes, such as paedophilia, reduction in a state of slavery and trafficking in human organs. It is not plausible to think that eight million children a year, often quartered by butchers surgeons or sent to the prostitution market, can disappear in the void following a kidnapping! Excluding India, as the data is not known, 30 or 40 million children are daily abused and 100 million children, under the age of ten, are victims of child labour. These filthy traffickers, intellectually subhuman, who abuse, rape, torture and kill children, are not cockroaches of countries far from our culture but are also absolutely present in the "most civilized" Western countries, cockroaches like the others. To think that all this, like drug trafficking, can happen without the tacit consent of those who have the power but also the interest that all this happens, is not only stupid but criminal. The brothels where innocent children are first sexually abused and then murdered to extract the organs, are also a reality of the Western world and the institutions, which have the duty to stop all this, when they are silent, for political reasons, are like those cockroaches! Our sad and superficial age is worse than the past Nazi and communist dictatorships, because it has reached an unprecedented level of anarchy and has a political class now harmful to human society, because it is not able to come up with real solutions and react in a decisive way! Nazism and communism in their abomination had goals, aims, discipline, meritocracy; today everything is based on money and this not only generates corruption but allows leaders to emerge that are devoid of substance or even criminals! It is above all the duty of the institutions to investigate and destroy these cockroaches, receivers and customers, because only in this way the institutions themselves can justify their existence that is not an end in itself but for the good of the community!

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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