The hypocrites and “Black lives matter”

25 2020

The hypocrites and “Black lives matter”

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Before publishing this article I phoned a friend of mine and, since his great-grandfather was a Punjabi slave deported to South America, I asked him what he thought of all this destruction and the fact that they pull down statues, regardless of which one and he replied: "I disagree, I totally disagree." This friend of mine is not only one who descends from a slave but as a child, in a Catholic orphanage, he was sexually abused and tortured by unspeakable punishments, such as being caged naked for days in a frozen cellar without light... But in his life he did not go around burning shops and pulling down statues, on the contrary he did things that few would succeed, starting from scratch and obtaining considerable success.
What happened to George Floyd I think has scandalized, if not infuriated everyone, because it is not tolerable that in the 21st century someone dies like that and if it was up to King Solomon to judge the policeman, he would be shot in the back of the head and the problem would be, at least as far as Justice is concerned, solved. Unfortunately we do not live in a society in which Solomonic justice prevails but in a complex society and only advanced in appearance, because in reality our society is undergoing a considerable regression in many respects and the justice system, in the majority of the Countries of the world, is not immune to this regression at all. Without wishing to make an excursus on the history of the police force and slavery, two important factors must be highlighted; primarily on the police, as it is historically well known that, since the birth of these corps, about two centuries ago, recruiting has never tended to recruit particularly intelligent people, indeed, at least for the troops, not too intelligent people are preferable because more obedient and this factor, associated with the fact that there have always been violent and criminals in uniform, given that human society includes them regardless of profession, sometimes it does not help and I personally have the impression that less intelligent people are also less empathic. The second factor is that, despite a widespread and false culture, slavery has never started from racism, because slavery has always been, and unfortunately is, a social condition. For example, the first slaves in the colonized Americas were the local natives and only later were the blacks of Africa imported because they were considered physically more performing but at the same time there were White slaves of any other race ... The case of Floyd triggered empathy of many, because the strength of the media impact of the video has left no doubt about the arrogance and guilt of the police, or more precisely of those rotten apples policemen, and the fact that the murdered was a criminal and that the policeman already knew him, changes nothing in the opinion of the majority. Already triggered the flame of protest, we then saw, again in the USA, an Australian journalistic crew beaten without reason, an elderly brutally pushed for no reason who falls hitting the asphalt with his head ... while in Australia an Aboriginal teenager was basically assaulted by a policeman who made him fall on his face. There are no valid reasons that justify the behaviour of these violent boorish in uniform and protesting is absolutely legitimate but this does not take away the fact that for a rotten policeman, there are 99 others (random percentage) who are very correct people, who risk their lives to defeat crime, enforce laws and maintain order; In my opinion, the solution to this problem is obvious and focuses mainly on two points: greater and better selection at enrolment and better training, that is, also to include simple education, a factor that are not innate in citizens at all, even if the tendency is to take it for granted. The ongoing protest, the "Black lives matter", already starts from a wrong principle, that is to put the emphasis on the colour of Floyd, because all lives have equal rights and equal importance, regardless of the colour of the skin and this I affirm it while understanding that African-Americans feel discriminated, especially in certain cases, such as arrests. But what is absolutely wrong is the destructive turn that the protest itself has taken and certainly set cars on fire, looting shops, robbing banks and devastating everything does not help to increase the emancipation of African-Americans, indeed it will make many people think of them what they contest, that is, that they behave like savages ... And even here a minority in the minority, who probably simply takes advantage of the situation, contributes to negativise their part. All this will not lead to a greater relaxation between the social partners but simply to increase extremism in politics. The destruction and damage to the monuments is a truly unacceptable thing, both because of the ignorance of this mass of vandals who not only ignore history but do not contextualize with the era in which the people to whom the statues were dedicated lived, an ignorance that has come to the damage of a statue dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes, the famous author of "Don Quixote of La Mancha", who was enslaved for five years by Barbary pirates. Monuments are not to be touched, because they represent our history and this is not the way we like it. And above all dietrology talks, only lead to greater ignorance. And I go further by saying that if there were still monuments of Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin or other similar characters who would have only deserved to be executed in the cradle for what they did later on, well, those monuments should also be retained and preserved for posterity, because a humanity without memory does not progress. History is what it is, putting your head in the bag, it doesn't change it. A near tomorrow, the statues will be restored, the streets cleaned up, the criminals responsible for all this violence will be judged and sentenced, all with enormous costs but certainly the dead ones will not rise again. But these hypocritical people responsible for all this chaos and destruction, why have they never protested against child labour? Against slavery, still present in Africa, the Middle East and Asia? Against illegal immigration which hamper the hopes of true refugees, feeds crime and puts people to work on the fields for two Euros a day? Against forced prostitution which is itself a reduction to slavery? Against kidnappings of children to introduce them to the child pornography market or to kill them to extract their organs? Or against infibulation? Every year, 4 million children disappear in the world and 1,200,000 are, yearly, forced into the world of child prostitution, while in Asia alone are estimated between 20 and 30 million children in slavery work… Where is the protest and where are the parliamentarians who kneel for today's slavery?

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

- In the photo: an Asian girl kidnapped and sold in another Country as a "domestic", a definition used in many Asian Countries to mitigate the reality of slavery, after being punished several times by her mistress who, before whipping her, poured boiling water on her back. The little slave's mistress was not sentenced because she has high-ranking connections; the judge merely told her not to do it anymore; the little girl, on the other hand, is permanently out of her mind and no longer communicates. Where are the protests for these enslaved children?

Source by Matteo_Cornelius_Sullivan

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