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OPEN LETTER to Scott Morrison Prime Minister of Australia - War on drugs

Monday 01:27:46
November 09 2020

OPEN LETTER to Scott Morrison Prime Minister of Australia - War on drugs

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Matteo Cornelius Sullivan


Perth, 09/11/2020

Subject: War on drugs

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

I would like to take at your attention that if the Australian Federal Police confiscated 22 tons of drugs, and that is the 3% of what was in circulation in three years, that 3% makes 733, therefore 244 tons a year in total. Beside the huge amount of tax free money that goes into the pockets of criminals who are then able to finance other activities, I was wondering how all this is happening, because it’s like having a whale in the kitchen sink and not noticing it. We all know that our policemen find themselves fighting a war not just against the criminals but also against a justice system that I’m sorry to say has gone rotten since too long and we can’t blame only the social engineers as the political class have the tools to correct all this but, in my opinion as in that of many other Australians, you’re doing nothing. If this was a war, we would have already lost and the enemy would be sitting in your armchair in Canberra. Beside a few rotten apples, policemen still are our heroes and they need your help to win this war and take it to a victory and it has to be like a real war as drugs are destroying our Nation and the first duty of who is in power always was and is to defend his people, if this power doesn’t maintain that very first social promise, there is anarchy. It is not just that the drug users are having a negative effect on society, they are having it on themselves and these idiots who think drugs are alright or that are fun, still are part of our Nation, therefore they must be protected by their idiocy by what in my opinion should be a real war on drugs and this can only start from a serious political class who doesn’t only think how to win the next elections.

Best regards

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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