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2003-02-12 00:09:42
Thursday 00:15:07
February 13 2003

Nucletron-® becomes the world’s first oncology care provider to offer a truly integrated information management solution

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Nucletron -®B.V., one of the world’s leading providers of life-saving radiotherapy equipment, today significantly expanded its range of healthcare solutions, following its acquisition of MDS Nordion's oncology software portfolio. This pioneering move means that Nucletron -®is the only oncology care manufacturer which is able to offer a totally integrated information management solution that links data between radiotherapy and oncology departments, tailored to the requirements of each individual hospital or clinic.- 

Mark Adam, General Manager & Vice President Marketing, Nucletron -®explained:-  “The addition of innovative and user-friendly software systems such as the Oncentra -®suite and Electronic Patient Folder -®to our already versatile product portfolio is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, it allows Nucletron -®to provide clinicians across the world with radiotherapy solutions which best fit the needs of their patients, and secondly, it enables us to realise our ambition of providing open software solutions which facilitate effective connectivity between radiotherapy and oncology units.”- 

Rudolf Scholte, President and CEO, Nucletron added: “This acquisition fits perfectly with both our current product offerings and the future aspirations of Nucletron. We will now, more than ever, be able to offer our customers a work-flow management tool which tracks & cares for the patient throughout their care continuum. We can make real qualitative differences to diagnositic procedures, treatment protocols, and patient recuperation, which wholly complies with our firm vision that the patient should always come first.-  The addition of the Oncentra -®software suite will enable us to expand our global service, culminating in efficiency and economic benefits for our valued clinician partners. We are proud to be able to say that we are offering the world’s first truly open and integrated oncology information management system.”  

Oncentraâ„¢ is a suite of information management solutions with integrated treatment planning tools that encompass the entire treatment process from image-capture to planning to long-term data archiving and includes complete systems integration and project management services.-  The suite comprises the following:
Oncentra Record & Verify (RV) : a versatile verification system to schedule, verify and document the entire radiotherapy process-rapidly, flexibly and easily.
Oncentra Electronic Patient Folder (EPF) : a provider of centralized storage and access for all patient information.
Oncentra Resource Scheduler (RS) : for managing all clinical resources including staff, equipment and facilities.
Oncentra DICOM Archive (DA) : a robust and scalable archive that allows for storage of both DICOM & non-DICOM images.
Oncentra Simulator Workstation (SIM) : a highly advanced simulator workstation that offers a wide range of tools to view, verify, compare and store fluoroscopy images.
Oncentra Integrated Treatment Planning (TP) : a flexible, modular and open Microsoft Windows-based suite of oncology solutions providing oncology professionals with the accessibility, functionality, efficiency and accuracy they need.

Nucletron-® B.V is a subsidiary of Delft Instruments-® B.V.

For further information, please contact:
Rudolf Scholte
T: +31 318 557 250; F: +31 318 557 280; E:

or Mark Adam
T: +31 318 557 149; F: +31 318 557 280; E:

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