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The spine-chilling words of Romano Prodi on Bibbiano

2019-08-25 18:46:18
Sunday 18:57:08
August 25 2019

The spine-chilling words of Romano Prodi on Bibbiano

The orcs have so many faces ...

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On the inquiry "Angeli e demoni” (Angels and demons) on some criminals (1), started in Bibbiano Italy, it wasn’t enough the silence of so many, or the words of Nicola Zingaretti, secretary of the PD (Partito Democratico, the Italian left wing party), who stated that the Government "exploits and uses" it; we also “needed” the spine-chilling words of Romano Prodi ... Prodi, former President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, former Minister of Justice, former etc. etc. but above all former President of the Democratic Party (2007-2008) but not a former friend of the PD itself, given that with the fall of the Conte government, wanted by the politically short-sighted Matteo Salvini, he immediately went to propose the Government "Ursula" (or Orsola), a coalition of PD and M5s (Movimento 5 stelle) and part of the FI (Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi’s party). Only in Italy, a country that should be civilized, given that it is a cradle of civilization, but that is slipping more and more into the abyss of political idiocy, it is possible that words like those pronounced by Prodi on the inquiry "Angels and Demons" have not triggered a indignation to force him to resign from Parliament. After decades of domination of the country by the very corrupt “caste” (politician who’ve become professional and do their interest before that of the Country), people have become accustomed to lose out... and politics is no longer the daughter of logical reasoning but of unbridled fanaticism. From those partisan words, evidently the attempt to make people believe that what happened to the children of Bibbiano is a problem of mass-media that distorts reality and demonize a town... While the enormous suffering inflicted by that unscrupulous scum, many of the such as with clear connections to the PD, to those children and their families, not even a word of compassion in the interview. Not even a word of condemnation to the ruthless abductors torturers, part of a subversive and criminal organization, who have inflicted those immense suffering and brought human beings, crushed by a perverse system, to suicide. The individual cancelled in the name of the new pagan Gods: the easy money and the communist ideals of inversion and destruction of the family, seems to count nothing in his words ... What counts seems to be only defending the caste, turning the omelette for exonerate the PD ... Here are his dreadful words: "The demonization that is made of an entire town belongs to the madness ... to madness ... above all for a problem like this that went well beyond the borders, that had relationships and relations with the rest of the country, different institutions, but these media must find a demon , no? They must find a demon, and this is one of the problems of ours, of our ... I was saying democracy… no, of our modern society; it is so in the United States, it is so and I am ... .. the media that crush with a slogan, remove every deepening of the problem "- Beyond what a judge can decide? - "Beyond what a judge can decide who must be respected and it is probable that there have been faults, negligence or even something worse but the system of demonizing an entire community, also linking it to political roots and so on, is a system that should be repudiated in every society with common sense "(interview with Romano Prodi of the local broadcaster Telereggio published on Facebook at the link: ). The formulation of a thought that states "it is PROBABLE that there have been faults, of the NEGLIGENZE", in all its sadness and hypocrisy, speaks for itself. But let us remember that once the propaganda said that "the communists eat children" and it was true, in fact during the Russian revolution the communists were so disorganized that hunger in many cases led to cannibalism and the children were the victims of those horrendous facts of a century ago. Today's orcs, their friends and accomplices and those who support them, can also be professional politicians, the surviving members of the "caste", attached to their seats just to continue their greedy politics, destructive towards the social fabric and the nation, despicable people willing to put the defence of their political party before them, even when the nation is hit by a huge infamy like that of Bibbiano ...

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

(1) This filthy scum that created a system that went on for several years, in which perfectly normal parents were accused of abusing their children, through the falsification of evidence, like drawings that were modified making them pornographic, giving electric shocks to children to brain wash them and manipulate their memories, creating enormous traumas to these families, with the aim of taking them into foster care… taking them away from their parents, to then entrust them to gay couples or unqualified ones and to steal funds from the State.

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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