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Managing our borders together

2008-02-22 18:26:30
Friday 18:30:44
February 22 2008

Managing our borders together

New Commission proposals promise to increase security through better border control while easing cross-border travel for legitimate travellers.

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EU: The Commission has released a package of proposals bringing common border management one step closer. The purpose is twofold: to promote ease of movement for legitimate travellers and to fight illegal immigration and human trafficking into the EU.

Three proposals have been tabled:

give the EU border agency Frontex a greater role in coordinating operations between member countries and encourage more joint operations.
facilitate border control by improving European cooperation and using technology such as a European border surveillance system discuss a “registered traveller” programme to ease the entry and exit of pre-screened frequent travellers from outside the EU .

“Europeans understand that migration, like climate change and other challenges facing us, is an issue we need to confront together” president Barroso said. “No nation can find sustainable solutions on its own. We have built an open economy and territory within Europe, and therefore need common border management, immigration and visa polices.” He added: “We need also solidarity between EU Member States, when some of the members, as it happened recently, are confronted with unexpected and urgent challenges.”

The Commission’s proposals will be discussed at a ministerial conference in March. They follow on from previous Commission efforts to build a space of free and secure travel through collective responsibility and solidarity.

“If we manage the issue of migration well, everyone can benefit: Europe, the countries of origin and the migrants” president Barroso stressed.

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