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OPEN LETTER Scott Morrison - Pedal mafia

Monday 01:59:28
November 22 2021

OPEN LETTER Scott Morrison - Pedal mafia

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Matteo Cornelius Sullivan



Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister


Italian Ambassador Francesca Tardioli

Perth, 22/11/2021

Subject: Pedal mafia

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

I recently came to know that there is a Western Australian business called “Pedal Mafia Cycling Co - Australian Cycling Apparel” and I wonder how it is possible that in a supposedly civilized Country as Australia it’s permitted to someone to open a business with a name having a direct reference to a criminal organization.

I do perfectly understand that we live in an increasingly more and more idiotized society but, beside the fact that you would suppose that people knew that mafia kills people, torture, kidnaps, rapes, etc., this is highly offensive to any Italian and it is also very racist!

This business should be shut down and a federal law should be enforced to avoid future similar cases, or what’s next, “Paedophile Untied” selling candies?

Best regards

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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