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August 04 2021


to Mark McGowen, Premier of W.A. and to Karen Vernon, Mayor of Victoria Park, on potential floods of the swan River in Perth, Western Australia

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Matteo Cornelius Sullivan


Perth, 04/08/2021

Subject: Floods

Dear Mark McGowen, Premier of W.A.,

Dear Karen Vernon, Mayor of Victoria Park,

Besides sending booklets like your “Flood aware be prepared”, why don’t you just build some underground cisterns around the Swan River to regulate the floods? There are so many places where there’s only sand with some grass on top… (parks) and you could build these cisterns (water tanks) and link them with a very simple tube to the river that you could open in case of floods, at a cost far less than what it could cause a serious flood.

Best regards

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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